Product Application

Lufeng's products include the following:

1. Copper / lead smelting furnace (converter, tilting rotary furnace, blast furnace, etc.): used for smelting waste miscellaneous copper, copper concentrate, lead paste and lead concentrate;


2. Ingot casting machine (linear ingot casting machine, disc casting machine, etc.): used for ingot forming of molten metals such as lead / zinc / copper / aluminum;


3. Lead acid battery crushing and sorting system;


4. Copper lead zinc electrolysis system;


We provide smelting furnaces, ingot casting machines, ingot molds and other products for many smelters in China and abroad. At the same time, we also provide the whole system services of lead-acid battery crushing, recovery and smelting, copper & lead smelting system and so on; our customers include domestic smelters, international smelting companies, engineering service companies, etc.