Zinc Electrolytic system

Lufeng is the design and equipment supplier of zinc electrolysis complete system. It has provided design and related equipment for many copper smelters at home and abroad.

The purpose of zinc electrorefining is to obtain high purity cathode zinc and recover the associated rare and precious metals. More and more raw materials for zinc electrolysis are zinc soot.

The main equipment of the zinc electrolysis system mainly includes: cathode stripping unit, electrolytic cell, conductive copper bar, rectifier, anode slime treatment system, electrolyte preparation system, etc.

Lufeng has a mature design team, which can design the electrolysis workshop according to the specific project requirements of customers. Build a modern smelter with energy conservation, good economic efficiency and environmental friendliness for customers.

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  • Lufeng is a Professional metallurgical ingot casting machine design, manufacturing and sales manufacturers in China. Cathode zinc casting machine is a mature product designed, manufactured and sold by our company for ten years. So far, it has provided ingot caster equipment for dozens of smelters at home and abroad. At the same time, we can provide one-stop services, including the design, equipment provision and installation guidance of the whole system from feeding, smelting, ingot casting, dust collection and so on.

  • Lufeng have been specialized in Metallurgical equipment for many years. With complete production and testing equipment, it can make oval, dished and conical head Zinc pots of various materials (ASTM A285 Grade C, ASTM A516 Grade 70). With ∅500mm-10000mm and thickness of 20-100mm, as well as various non-standard heads according to customer requirements.