Smelting equipment accessories

Lufeng is the design and equipment supplier of complete smelting system. It has provided design and related equipment, maintenance, installation, etc. for many copper smelters at home and abroad. The pyrometallurgical workshop should have anode plate disc casting machine, initial pole piece machine, cathode strip machine, residual pole washing machine, etc. The main accessories are mold, sprocket, chain, non-standard heavy bearing seat, shaft, etc

Lufeng has a number of excellent technicians and technicians. There are several supporting equipment for turning, milling, boring, drilling, welding, etc.

The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mining, smelting and engineering machinery. At present, it mainly produces smelting supporting and complete sets of equipment, such as the design and manufacture of automatic production line of lead (zinc / copper / aluminum) ingot casting machine, anode plate casting machine, cathode film making machine, crusher, slag casting machine, mixer, molten metal pump, lead pot and other equipment, as well as the upgrading and transformation of old equipment; Design and production of non-standard equipment.

Lufeng has a mature design team, which can design and manufacture accessories matching customers' equipment according to customers' specific project requirements to meet the interchangeability of products.

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