Industry news

Industry news
  • Lufeng Machinery, a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery, today announced its latest innovation in the manufacturing of the Slag Casting Machine, marking the company’s continued leadership in industrial production equipment. The launch of this new technology will bring revolutionary changes to the global steel production and metal processing industries.


  • In modern industry, aluminum is an important metal material widely used and plays an important role in automobiles, aerospace, construction and other fields. Aluminum ingots are the basic material of aluminum products, and their production quality is directly related to the quality and performance of subsequent products.


  • In the world of metal processing and recycling, the question of how to efficiently and safely melt lead is of paramount importance. With applications ranging from batteries to radiation shielding, the demand for recycled lead continues to grow. To meet this demand, the industry has turned to advanced melting technologies, among which the Lead Tilting Rotary Furnace stands out for its efficiency and environmental friendliness.


  • During the lead melting process, choosing the right furnace is crucial. Lead melting is a process that requires care and expertise, and choosing the best furnace is key to completing the task safely and efficiently. So, What is the Best Pot to Melt Lead In?


  • Copper is an important metal with good electrical and thermal conductivity and is widely used in electronics, construction, manufacturing and art. In copper processing and reuse, copper ingots are a common form used for storage, transportation and further processing. Copper ingot molds play a key role in the copper ingot casting process. This article will introduce the applications and characteristics of copper ingot casting molds.


  • In recent years, with the continuous development of industrial technology, the application of lead and its alloys in various industries has gradually increased, and the demand for lead products has become increasingly strong. In order to cater to market demand, Lufeng developed an advanced Small lead continuous casting machine, which has brought qualitative improvement and huge growth in production efficiency to the lead industry.