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Industry news
  • Rotary refining furnace is also called rotary anode furnace. It is mainly used for the refining of liquid blister copper. The operation cycle is generally divided into four stages: feeding, oxidation, reduction, and casting. The product is used for electrolysis of anode copper. Rotary refining furnaces are mainly used in large or very large copper smelters.


  • Refining furnace is a kind of smelting equipment in the thermal processing industry, and it is mostly used for the final deoxidation and alloying process of molten steel in ferrous metallurgy. Refining furnace refers to the equipment that also has the function of heating and refining steelmaking furnace.


  • The flow conditions have a great influence on the distribution of porosity, and may destroy the above-mentioned laws and cause very large porosity in local areas. According to the formation process and influencing factors of porosity, the way to prevent the porosity of aluminum alloy ingots is:


  • The product of copper fire refining is blister copper containing 99.0% to 99.6% copper. Due to its low purity, it cannot meet the requirements of industrialization. Therefore, it must be electrolytic refining to remove impurities that are difficult to remove in fire refining.


  • Aluminum ingot continuous casting unit is the key equipment in electrolytic aluminum production. At present, most of the aluminum ingot casting machines used by major domestic aluminum factories: this unit uses a proximity switch, which is easy to maintain and repair. For the electrical faults that occur during the operation of the unit, corresponding measures must be taken to eliminate them quickly and effectively to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


  • The aluminum ingot casting machine solves the problems of easy delamination and falling off caused by the lax aluminum wrapping of iron particles, and effectively improves the efficiency of aluminum ingot casting, wrapping iron particles, demoulding, etc., and improves the quality of the product.