Cathode Plate hanger

Lufeng is a Professional metallurgical equipment design, manufacturing and sales manufacturers in China. We have been specialized in Metallurgical equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and The cathode plate hanger is made of Stainless steel or carbon steel, which can meet the working environment . We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.
Product Description

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1. Product Introduction of cathode plate hanger


The hangers of cathode and anode plates produced by our company are mainly used for supporting the lifting of cathode and anode plates during zinc/copper and lead electrowinning. Our company can customize various hangers of cathode and anode plates for manufacturers according to their needs.


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of cathode plate hanger



Item Name

Parameters / Contents


Steel structure material

SUS316L/ SUS304/ Q235


Homopolar spacing



Number of hooks

Design and manufacture according to customer requirements


3. Product Feature And Application of cathode plate hanger


Cathode plate hanger for lifting the anode and cathode plates is composed of anode hanger, cathode hanger, cathode adjustment drive device and balance arm. The anode hanger and cathode hanger are rectangular frame structures. The anode hanger is sleeved outside the cathode hanger. The anode plate and cathode plate are arranged on the anode hanger and cathode hanger respectively according to the polar distance. The cathode adjustment drive device is fixed on the cathode hanger to drive the cathode hanger to realize the lifting movement of the cathode hanger relative to the anode hanger, A guide slide is set at the end of the anode hanger, and a guide wheel is set at the end of the cathode hanger. The anode hanger and the cathode hanger hook the anode plate and the cathode plate respectively, and lift the anode plate and the cathode plate at the same time. The balance arm on the anode hanger is directly connected with the lifting mechanism of the electrolytic lead crane.


Cathode Plate hanger


4. Product Details of cathode plate hanger


cathode plate hanger includes lifting rings, frames and hooks. The lifting rings are arranged on the upper part of the frame, and the lifting rings are correspondingly arranged on the opposite side of the frame. The hooks are located below the frame, and the hooks are in "L" shape. The hooks are arranged in the same direction and with equal spacing. However, when the device is hoisted, the electrode plate will shake on the hook. Therefore, we put forward a lifting device for anode and cathode plate electrolysis.


Cathode Plate hanger


5. Product Qualification of Cathode Plate Hanger


Welding by experienced engineers to ensure welding strength.


Cathode Plate hanger


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of cathode plate hanger


Wrapping film and woven bag are used to ensure the safety during transportation. Our Cathode Plate hanger supports wholesale customization, free samples, low prices, large quantities and more discounts. This is the latest product. Cathode Plate hanger is of high quality, durable and truly made in China. We also provide product price lists. Feel free to contact us for more information.


Cathode Plate hanger


7. FAQ


1). How many years have your company made this kind of equipment?

RE: Since 2010.


2). Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?

RE: We provide detailed installation, operation and maintenance instructions.


3). Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

RE: We are directly design and manufacturing supplier.


4). Can you can design the equipment according to our size?

RE: Sure. We provide non-standard designed and manufactured equipment.


5). How many staff abroad you sent to install the equipment?

RE: Provide 2-3 engineers to guide installation and commissioning. 1-2 mechanical engineers, 1 Automation Engineer.


6). How many days you need to install the equipment?

RE: The equipment specifications and quantities of each project are different, and the normal single unit lasts about 30 days.


Cathode Plate hanger suppliers

Cathode Plate hanger manufacturers

Cathode Plate hanger factory

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