• The aluminum ingot casting machine seems to be not very familiar to everyone, but it can solve the problems of easy delamination and falling off caused by the lax iron particles wrapped in aluminum, so will the aluminum ingot casting machine be affected by manual technology? What about the impact?


  • The basic equipment for the production of aluminum ingots should be fully equipped: aluminum melting furnace, automatic ingot casting machine, automatic ingot stacking machine, environmental protection equipment, forklift, spectrum analyzer, weighbridge, refining machine, etc. Pay attention to points can also be added on the basis of the above: mixing equipment, feeding equipment, sorting equipment, online degassing, etc.


  • October is the harvest season. The lead pot refining system we produced for our regular customers was successfully delivered at the end of October. This is the third batch of goods provided to customers, including lead pot, lead delivery pump, mixer, etc.


  • Autumn is the harvest season. The lead smelting system (including smelting furnace, 1.5t lead ingot casting system and flue gas outlet system) designed and manufactured by Lufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. has been delivered successfully.


  • The furnace body of the rotary furnace is a long steel cylinder lined with refractory materials. The furnace body is supported on several pairs of supporting rollers and has an inclination of 3% to 6%. The furnace body is driven by the motor to rotate slowly through gears. The material is added from the higher end and discharged from the lower end of the furnace.


  • Anode furnace (refining furnace), also called rotary refining furnace, is suitable for refining molten blister copper. The refining operations are feeding, oxidation, reduction, and casting, and the product is anode plate. There is a furnace opening on the cylindrical furnace body for charging and copper discharge. There is a small amount of tuyere on the side of the furnace body.