• In August 2022, the 1.5t blister copper ingot mold customized by Lufeng Machinery Co., Ltd. for the customer was successfully delivered. 20 molds, two in a stack, a total of 10 stacks, with a total weight of about 22t, just a 20-foot container.


  • The ingot casting machine is widely used in the field of metal ingot casting of aluminum and other metals. It effectively solves the problems of easy delamination and easy falling off caused by the lax aluminum-coated iron particles, and effectively improves the casting and wrapping of aluminum ingots.


  • The thick lead disc ingot casting machine is a machine with several lead ingot molds, when it rotates, it can pour copper liquid into each lead ingot mold in turn to cast lead wire ingots.


  • Recycled lead companies continue to grow and develop. With the trend of increasing recycled lead business from many companies, how much new production capacity will be put into operation in 2018, whether the problem of excess smelting capacity has subsided under the pressure of environmental protection, and what opportunities will the industry face in the future?


  • Development Trend of Metallurgical Industry 2022 Development Status and Prospect Analysis of Metallurgical Industry. As the world's largest metallurgical country, China's output of steel and commonly used non-ferrous metals is close to half of the global output. In order to improve the overcapacity of the metallurgical industry and gradually realize the sustainable development of the metallurgical industry, the state promotes the transformation and upgrading of the metallurgical industry in terms of policies and other aspects.


  • As one of the important parts of the disc ingot casting unit, the casting ladle has a great influence on the weight error of the anode plate, the production capacity per hour and the surface smoothness, etc., so controlling the casting speed is also very important. The essential.