Copper smelting Rotary furnace

Lufeng is a Professional metallurgical furnace design, manufacturing and sales manufacturers in China. We have been specialized in Metallurgical equipment for many years. Our products have a good price advantage and The copper melting rotary furnace is made of heat-resistant boiler steel, which can meet the working environment of high temperature. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.
Product Description

China Copper smelting Rotary furnace manufacturers

China Copper smelting Rotary furnace suppliers

China Copper smelting Rotary furnace factory

1. Product Introduction of Copper smelting Rotary furnace


Impure red copper scraps, anode scraps, secondary blister copper scraps, waste pure copper scraps, adaptable to different raw materials.


The tilting rotary furnace consists of a tilting rotary host, a fire-resistant furnace lining, a combustion system, a hydraulic system, a PLC control system and a flue system. Both charging and discharging pass through the furnace mouth installed with a furnace door. During charging and discharging, the furnace door installed with a burner can be opened. Auxiliary machines are equipped with supporting automatic feeding machine, automatic slag (soup) bag and slag raking machine, and automatic ingot casting and stacking machine. Through these supporting equipment, the automatic operation of the whole process can be realized


2. Product Parameter (Specification) of Copper smelting Rotary furnace



Furnace capacity (Effective volume m3)














3. Product Feature And Application of Copper smelting Rotary furnace


1) Adaptable to different raw materials, solid or liquid;

2) Convenient feeding type, even distribution of materials, fast melting speed;

3) Good heat transmission and high heat efficiency, with reasonable hearth structure and titling & shaking function;

4) High mechanization degree with same tube for reduction gas and oxidation gas by switching valves;

5) Good oxygen diffusion in copper liquid and efficient oxidized degree of perfect titling angle;

6) Minimum black smoke pollution as natural gas is used;

7) Flexible matting between copper liquid discharging process and casting process, furnace stays as same position to avoid “Run-copper” during casting failure;

8) Completely automatic operation, high operational efficiency, convenient for maintenance, and has long service life;


4. Product Details of Copper smelting Rotary furnace


Horizontal fixed axis: metal and slag pouring from central.


Details include:

Refractory Material of Chrome-Magnesium basis;

air-fuel burner or Oxy-fuel burner or Heavy oil burner;

Feeding door opening through local control panel and through remote control;

Door operation system with hydraulic unit;

Rotation system 0 - 1 rpm with variable speed driver (by VFD).


Copper smelting Rotary furnace


Copper smelting Rotary furnace


5. Product Qualification of Copper rotary furnace


The Tilting rotary furnace is made of heat-resistant boiler steel, which can meet the working environment of high temperature.


Copper smelting Rotary furnace


6. Deliver, Shipping And Serving of Copper rotary furnace


Tilting rotary furnace,delivery With Matched steel bracket. We can provide FOB Shanghai / Qingdao / Shenzhen / Guangzhou and many other ports.




7. FAQ


Q: How many years have your company made this kind of equipment?

RE: Since 2010.


Q: Do you have detailed and professional installation manual?

RE: We provide detailed installation, operation and maintenance instructions.


Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

RE: We are directly design and manufacturing supplier.


Q: Can you can design the equipment according to our size?

RE: sure, We provide non-standard designed and manufactured equipment.


Q: How many staff abroad you sent to install the equipment?

RE: Provide 2-3 engineers to guide installation and commissioning. 1-2 mechanical engineers, 1 Automation Engineer.


Q: How many days you need to install the equipment?

RE: The equipment specifications and quantities of each project are different, and the normal single unit lasts about 30 days.


Copper smelting Rotary furnace manufacturers

Copper smelting Rotary furnace suppliers

Copper smelting Rotary furnace factory

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